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Quilt: wool, synthetic or down?

Advantage of down over other materials, natural or synthetic, such as wool or latex is considerable. Besides of natural lightness, down is deprived of any microorganism and bacterium in washing process. As opposed to other natural materials, only from down we can produce so clean and healthy product. Thoroughly cleaning and degreasing require proper machines and preparations, which will not cause damages in natural down features. In production process, down is deionising, which prevents onerous material electrifying.

Warning! Dangerous saprophytes

Perfect down is not everything. If we want to be able to oppose to dangerous bacteria or saprophytes, we have to put it into proper environment. Ożgo Home Company decided to deliver the best quality guarantee. Down is put in containing silver fabrics dripped with natural aloe and vitamins, which allows to protect our health and fight with microorganisms.