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Sleep is Heath

Sleeping is a physiological state which strengthen all system of living processes, necessary to proper function of every living organism. Healthy organism should sleep from 6 to 9 hours. Lack of sleep causes many negative life effects, like: mood changes, difficulties with concentration, threats of heart attacks, blood-strokes, impairments of immune system, breathing disorders and general fatigue.

Down is Health

Our revolutionary products - quilts and pillows have extraordinary health parameters, which ensure proper sleeping. Thanks to these products we have strong ally in "battle" for our health. The ideal features of Ożgo Home products help us with proper living and resist to most dangerous diseases.


Remember Your Health

Perfect product is created, together with down by an outer material, where down is poured into. This production technology lets us creating the bets down fillings, which have anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, anti-fungus and ecological features capable to reduce free radicals. Down filling can perfectly protect against electrifying of bed-clothes, thanks to its positive ions neutralizing.